May 5, 2016

May The Fourth Be With You, Happy Cinco de Mayo, and blessed Free Comic Book Day!

May 2, 2016

Take a moment to pitch in for Team LITTLE BRUISERS in their annual walk for hemophilia research.

February 26, 2016

January 16, 2016

Confirmed convention appearances for 2016! Come see me at MASSive Comic Con on June 25-26, Vermont Comic Con on August 27-28, and Granite State Comic Con on September 17-18! More appearances to be announced!

December 18, 2015

May the Force be with us all!

November 28, 2015

Dear Hogfather: I want a Burleigh & Stronginthearm Mark VI "piecemaker" catapult with the optional razorwire attachment and a thing in the stock which tells time.

September 14, 2015

And Granite State Comic Con 2015 passes into the history books. Great weekend, some wonderful new contacts forged, some old friendships revivified. Tackled some challenging commissions and sold more than a few copies of THE MONITOR'S GUILD, Book 1. Much praise to the folks at Double Midnight Comics and their legions of volunteer "redshirts" for once again pulling this off!

A collection of mementoes...

While it was of course a delight meeting screen icons like Billy Dee Williams and Noah Hathaway, as an artist one of my more significant moments came when legendary illustrator Paul Ryan took the time to briefly drop by my table and look over my work. In particular he had praise for my inking technique. While something this innocuous may not seem like much to anyone outside of the business, to me it meant the world. Helped to round out an enjoyable weekend and bring (for me, anyway) a happy and satisfying end to con season!

August 31, 2015

My other "home" convention (yes, I actually have two) is only 2 weeks away! Looking forward to seeing Billy Dee Williams, Nick Bradshaw, Dawn Wells, Noah Hathaway, the 501st Legion, and YOU at Granite State Comic Con 2015, September 12-13 in Manchester, New Hampshire! Some all-new prints will be on view at my table, as well as copies of The Monitor's Guild, Book One. See you there!

August 13, 2015

EXCELSIOR! Yes, it pretty much goes without saying that Boston Comic Con 2015 was eight zillion kinds of wonderful. And with barely any time to catch our collective breath, Granite State Comic Con 2015 is now just a month away! See you all in Manchester on September 12-13!

July 10, 2015

45 and still dorky --er, I mean, devastatingly attractive-- as ever.Well, today not only marks a birthday with a "5" on the end, but more importantly it marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of this website! I'm a little stunned when I look back and see how much has happened in that time-frame, both for me personally and also professionally. Later this fall I'll also be marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of my career as a professional illustrator --lots more to come on that subject!

Special thanks to my hosts at Satori Digital Marketing for putting up with me this past decade. I owe so many more thanks to so many more people who've helped me to this point --I'd list them all here, but that would cause your browser to crash, so I'll instead just point you to the Acknowledgements Page of The Monitor's Guild, Book One. If you find your name on that page, then you did have a hand in getting this artist to this milestone, whether you knew it or not!

Have a wonderful summer and I'll see you all in a little less than a month at Boston Comic Con!

July 4, 2015

"...and for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." Take a moment to re-read this singularly amazing document and reflect upon what it truly means. And why not pick up a copy of The Monitor's Guild, Book One this summer to celebrate the spirit (and the still-unfulfilled promise) of the Revolution?

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