April 1, 2015

In precisely one month I will see you at DOUBLE MIDNIGHT COMICS in Manchester, NH to celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2015!

I'll be giving away some free swag, doing sketch cards, and unveiling some long-awaited news about the next publication from petervintonjr.com!

Special guests include Babs Tarr (Batgirl), Katie Cook (My Little Pony) and Joe Quinones, and many more of my amazing artist colleagues! The fun starts at 10am (though the earlier you come, you’ll get your chance at door prizes)! Don't forget to RSVP the event on Facebook! Looking forward to seeing you there on the morning of Saturday, May 2!

March 12, 2015

Openly weeping this day in this, the Year of the Spinning Mouse. Farewell Sir Terry. I cannot thank you enough; none of us can.

February 28, 2015

Another convention confirmation for 2015: I will be featuring at Granite State Comic Con on September 12-13!

February 26, 2015

I had an absolutely delightful time lecturing at the Bradford (VT) Public Library this past Wednesday evening. We deconstructed some mythological themes, invented some entirely new superheroes, and discussed the graphic novel as both literature and as art form. Great group of folks! Artists: do make a point of donating some of your time (and your talents) to your local public library.

February 5, 2015

First convention confirmation of 2015: I will be featuring at Boston Comic Con on July 31 - August 2!

December 8, 2014

Stuck for holiday ideas for that comic-book geek in your life? Three eminently wonderful retailers spring to mind:
  1. The Million Year Picnic in Cambridge, MA (Harvard Square),
  2. Comicazi in Somerville, MA (Davis Square), and
  3. Double Midnight Comics in Manchester AND Concord, NH

All of the above establishments and their awesome employees not only stock the best darned selection of genre titles and geeky/nostalgic collectibles (ranging from the wildly popular to the waaaay-too-obscure), but I'm proud to be able to say that they're also all carrying The Monitor's Guild, Book 1 on their shelves. So for that liberty-loving, government-distrusting patriot in your life (c'mon, every family's got at least one), order a copy from Amazon for the holidays!

And thank you one and all for ALL your support this past year! It's been heavy with a lot of great milestones, and 2015 looks to be every bit as spectacular!

November 19, 2014

The Million Year PicnicI will be appearing at The Million Year Picnic in Harvard Square on Saturday, December 6 at 1:00pm! I will be selling (and signing) copies of The Monitor's Guild, Book 1!

Add the event to your Facebook calendar!

See you all there!

November 12, 2014

Double Midnight ComicsI will be appearing at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH on Saturday, November 22 at 1:00pm! I will be selling (and signing) copies of The Monitor's Guild, Book 1!

Add the event to your Facebook calendar!

See you all there!

November 3, 2014

History was made this past weekend at Rhode Island Comic Con! Enjoy some pictures of the shenanigans.

Enthusiastic shout-outs to: Wicked Little Studio (of course!), to Jason Casey Art, to the genius creators of Lil' Levi, to my extremely patient neighbor Stefanie B., to cosplayer AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole, to the thoroughly-evil-but-still-amazingly-creative Connecticut Mothership, to the New England Brethren Of Pirates (thanks for not throwing me in the Gibbet, me hearties), the phenomenally talented minds behind the lavish Piccadilly and The Fairy Polka, and the extraordinarily gifted Dennis Burke (DesignsBy Dennis). I stand in silent awe at the sheer array of talent with whom I shared an aisle this weekend.

Oh, and just to round out the geekiness in case I didn't sound excited enough: I MET THE DOCTOR!

Still ahead before I finish out 2014: some more in-store appearances and signings at some of your favourite comic book outlets! Watch this space!

October 27, 2014

I got the best friends in all explored space:

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Lovely Sheri as Rogue!

Elsa and Bobby conspire to ruin Logan's summer.

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