Since this web site links to outside sources whose content is beyond our control, this is how would look if the pending U.S. legislation known in the House of Representatives as SOPA (HR 3261), and in the Senate as PIPA (S. 968), were passed into law.

I invite you to review this article at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which explores the unintended consequences of this proposed legislation.

I would then invite you to make a point of contacting your respective representatives in Congress urging them to oppose this and any other forms of "blunt instrument" legislation. Copyright infringement is one thing, mass censorship is another.

Whether you are an artist or an engineer, a serviceman or a student, a researcher or a merchant, an entrepreneur or one of the rank-and-file, a free and open internet is the only way for ideas to thrive. We cannot lock off this wonderful communications medium merely because a handful of entertainment companies don't think they're getting enough of a cut.

Normally does not get involved in politics. However, this is an issue about which I cannot, and will not, stay quiet.

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